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Multifunctional Atmosphere Lamp with Wireless Charging (Fulllum)

Multifunctional Atmosphere Lamp with Wireless Charging (Fulllum)

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Discover Fullum - The Multifunctional Atmosphere Lamp with Wireless Charging!

Transform your environment with the Fullum lamp

A concentrate of innovations and functionalities. This lamp is not just a source of soothing light, it is much more than that! Here is all that Fullum can offer you:

Fast Wireless Charging

Never worry about messy cables again! Fullum incorporates a 15W fast wireless charging system for your smartphone. Simply place your compatible device on the base and watch it charge at full speed.

Bluetooth Speaker and Music

Enjoy quality sound with the built-in Bluetooth speaker. Connect your smartphone or tablet to listen to your favorite tracks and create the perfect musical atmosphere. Intelligent Light Control: The Fullum lamp supports control via app, voice command, remote control and buttons. Easily adjust the light intensity from 1% to 100% and choose the light color that best suits your mood.

Cozy Mood and Wake-Up Light

Customize your sleep and wake-up routine with the dedicated app. Adjust sound, volume, light color and brightness for a gentle wake up and a restful night.


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