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Pet Grooming Brush, Self-Cleaning Brush for Dogs, Pet Grooming Tool(Poodle Wash)

Pet Grooming Brush, Self-Cleaning Brush for Dogs, Pet Grooming Tool(Poodle Wash)

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Discover the ultimate pet grooming experience with our Slicker Brush for Dogs and Cats, suitable for all hair types!

Are you tired of finding messy hair and tangles all over your house because of your faithful four-legged friend? Say goodbye to hair worries and hello to a clean, shiny and healthy coat with our Slicker Brush!

Features :

  • Perfect for All Hair Types : Whether you have a short- or long-haired pet, our Slicker Brush is designed for everyone. It's the ideal grooming tool for your precious furry friends.

  • Gentle and Effective : Our brush gently removes loose undercoat, knots, tangles, dandruff and trapped dirt. Your pet will thank you for the relief from itching and discomfort.

  • Easy One-Button Cleaning : We've made grooming simple with our one-button self-cleaning feature. Simply press the button on the back after brushing your pet to release any loose hair from the brush. No more manual brush cleaning chores.

  • Waterproof Design : The entire body of our Slicker Brush is waterproof, making cleaning and maintenance easier. Keep it dry and clean without worrying about the accumulation of dirt or small hairs.

  • Comfortable and Safe : Our brush features fine stainless steel bristles with round massage bead heads designed to penetrate deep into your pet's coat without irritating their skin or damaging the hair roots. It's like a relaxing massage for your furry friend!

  • Promotes a Healthy Coat : The round massage beads not only brush and massage your pet, but they also stimulate blood circulation, leaving their coat soft and silky. Your pet will love the feeling, and you'll love the results.

  • Unique, Non-Slip and Durable Design : Our Slicker Brush is not only functional, it is also stylish. Made with high quality materials and a non-slip handle, it prevents hand and wrist fatigue, ensuring comfort for both you and your pet during grooming sessions.

Package size : 185 x 75 x 30mm

Size : 18.5*7.5cm

Say goodbye to hair worries and give your pet the exceptional grooming experience they deserve. Order our Slicker Brush for Dogs and Cats now, suitable for all hair types, and watch your pet's coat transform into a shiny, lustrous work of art


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