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Mini magnetic electric razor for men (Electromini)

Mini magnetic electric razor for men (Electromini)

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Discover the Mini Magnetic men's electric razor, state-of-the-art technology for precise, clean and comfortable results.

Unparalleled precision and comfort:

Tepy-C blade technology ensures maximum cutting efficiency while protecting delicate skin, delivering a smooth, flawless finish. Made with IPX-7 waterproof material, you can enjoy a close shave anytime, anywhere, even in the shower! Its ergonomic design with a non-slip rubber grip lets you hold it comfortably and master tricky curves with ease.

Speed ​​and practicality:

Advanced mini magnet technology allows for accelerated charging speed, letting you quickly finish your shave to move on to more important things. With a battery capacity of 300mA, the shaver is rechargeable and gives you a run time of 60-80 minutes, or about an hour's charge.

Perfect for a daily care routine:

This powerful, rechargeable electric shaver is ideal for your daily grooming routine, giving you a professional cut every time. Whether at home or on the go, enjoy an effortless shaving experience with the Mini Magnetic Men Electric Shaver. The pack includes the shaver itself, a charging cable, a cleaning brush and a set of instructions to make it easier to use.

Treat yourself to an exceptional shaving experience with the Mini Magnetic men's razor. Get precise results, optimal comfort and unparalleled convenience for a flawless grooming routine, wherever you are.


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