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usb rechargeable led wall lamps (Luv Lamp)

usb rechargeable led wall lamps (Luv Lamp)

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Discover the Club Lamp Wall Lamp: A New Design, Superior Quality!

  • Club Lamp Wall Lamp: New design and high quality
  • High efficiency white LED technology for energy saving and long life
  • Infrared sensing and fast induction for smart, responsive lighting
  • Automatic switch-on when present and automatic switch-off when you move away
  • Built-in light sensor for energy-efficient use
  • Easy installation with integrated infrared switch for aesthetic appearance
  • Light up your space with style and environmental responsibility
  • Adopt an eco-responsible approach to lighting while adding a touch of modernity to your interior.

High Efficiency LED Technology:

The Club Lamp uses highly efficient white LED technology which guarantees optimal light output while saving you energy. With its extended lifespan, it offers you long-lasting lighting, while respecting the environment and preserving your wallet.

Infrared Detection and Induction Technology:

Take advantage of infrared sensing and advanced induction technology that provides high sensitivity, resistance to interference, and fast responsiveness. The Club Lamp automatically turns on when a presence is detected and turns off when you walk away, ensuring optimal use of lighting and effortless comfort.

Intelligent and Energy-Efficient Lighting:

Thanks to its integrated light sensor, the Club Lamp automatically recognizes day and night, activating only when necessary. During the day, it stays in sleep mode, and when night falls, it automatically lights up in response to your movements. You'll never waste energy again by forgetting to turn off the light.


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