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mini projector UC18 (Miniplex)

mini projector UC18 (Miniplex)

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Discover the Miniplex UC18 / T16 an incomparable cinematic immersion wherever you are!

The Miniplex UC18 / T16 is the revolutionary mini projector that will transform the way you experience entertainment! With its advanced performance and cutting-edge technology, this compact projector gives you a breathtaking visual experience without compromise.

Dazzling images every time!

With a power of 15 (MAX), the Miniplex UC18 / T16 surpasses all projection expectations. Immerse yourself in your favorite movies, savor your TV series or share unforgettable memories with images of exceptional clarity. You will be amazed by the incredible quality that emanates from this little gem of technology!


With a resolution of 320*180 (RGB), the Miniplex UC18/T16 transports you to the heart of the action in stunning clarity and detail. Enjoy images of a quality comparable to large cinema projectors, for total immersion in your favorite content.

ADJUSTABLE SCREEN SIZE - Adaptability at its peak!

The F=60 projection lens of the Miniplex UC18 / T16 gives you the freedom to choose the size of the projected image, ranging from 13 to 60 inches (cm). Whether you're in a tight space or want to create a real home cinema, this projector is perfectly suited to your needs.

PORTABLE AND PRACTICAL - The perfect accompaniment for all your adventures!

Imagine being able to take the cinema with you wherever you go! Thanks to its compact size and light weight, the Miniplex UC18 / T16 is the ideal travel companion. Host movie nights with friends, impress co-workers with impactful presentations, or give your kids endless moments of entertainment.

Redefine your entertainment experience with the Miniplex UC18 / T16!

Don't miss this opportunity to discover the mini projector that combines exceptional performance and ultimate practicality. Immerse yourself in a captivating visual universe, explore new horizons of entertainment and experience magical moments with family and friends.


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