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wireless bone conduction bluetooth headphones for sport (ClipTune)

wireless bone conduction bluetooth headphones for sport (ClipTune)

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ClipTune, the wireless bone conduction headphones specially designed for active music lovers like you!

The bone conduction technology built into the ClipTune provides a unique sound experience. Rather than passing through the ear canal, sound is transmitted directly through your bones, leaving your ears free to perceive surrounding sounds. So you stay aware of your surroundings while being carried away by powerful bass and crystal clear highs.

The ClipTune's 20 meter wireless range:

gives you unparalleled freedom of movement. You can train, run or just move around without any discomfort, while enjoying clear and immersive sound. Whether you're in a crowded gym or outdoors, your favorite music will follow you everywhere.

an IPX7 certificate

And that's not all ! ClipTune headphones are equipped with an IPX7 certification, making them resistant to water and sweat. No matter the conditions, you can train with peace of mind, knowing that your earbuds stay protected and ready to deliver pristine sound.


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